Monday, February 5, 2007


Can you feel this?

Can you feel the pull of society upon our bodies, our brains, our souls?

Looking at the world, all that can be seen is corruption. The words I write come out as boundaries breakers, meaning that I have limited myself to meet with the society expectations. A long time ago, I conformed with society, I conformed with the easiest pattern, I had transformed into the perfect advertisement for society morals.

I learned through teachings from teachers whom are expected to churn out children into mindless, soulless machines, whom think for themselves, but they cannot think for Themselves.

I deeply resent the ideals of the conformity, yet I fall victim to the beast. I resent the monster and the monster just sits and laughs at my face. Saying the word, " I dare you leave this cozy nest." That nest is called my parents, my friends, and my fellow students, whom are too quick to put-down my struggles to break from the nest.

In order, to achieve any sort of greatness, I must never fear the unknown. As of 9:39 P.M. February 5th, 2007, I am no longer afraid of putting my heart on the line and letting it get crushed. For a heart as big as mine is strong enough to survive the harshest of pains.

Forget the pain, forget the misery, forget the thought, forget all fears. The strong acts become remembered, the strong acts become human history. Love thyself, the universe will love thee.

Monday, December 25, 2006

I Am No Artist

Don't Feel Sorry For Me

I try to chart my mind on this great earth of mine, but I am an obvious failure. Why is it that I try to succeed, but in the end I either fail or I don't feel full of success? My mind has yet to consider anything an accomplishment. I don't understand.

I don't understand my life, I don't understand anything. My innermost has not been discovered, my potential not achieved, my life not meaningful. When I see my reflection, I don't see pride, honor, joy, or happiness. My smile is nothing, but an art of deception. I mask my innermost troubles, I mask my innermost resent, I disguise my innermost hatred, I hide my life.

My life is broken apart, it has been cracking for my entire my life, but the creases finally seperated becoming a mess. I have no trust in people, I have no "friends." Why do I avoid my life when talking with others?

I know the answer. I have been stabbed in the back by every person, I have ever met. They all leave, they all escape.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Eternal Happiness

Above the worlds
It is said the Heavens grow spry
There is love in everything
And there is Happiness in all

Within the worlds
All the men and women lie
Their lives meaningless until they see the Gates
Their actions meaningful in choosing their Fates

Underneath the worlds
Eternal pits of flame grow sly
There is hatred in everything
And there is Craziness in all

To be in heaven
They say you must be Great
To be in hell
They say you must be no Good

But After All
They also say To be Great is to be Misunderstood

Who am I?

Who am I to question the foundations of mankind? Who am I to not join into the conformity of much of the populous?

Every aspect of human nature, directs us towards questioning everything. Our natural instinctive human curiosities have formed what we have around us. The greatest inventors broke from the "norm" and proceeded to create inventions that we find today. Galileo turned his back on the governing church, and tried to understand the forces of the universe. His writings were cast down by the monks and he could never publish, but his findings of the force called "resistance" (what we call friction) passed onward to the next scientist, Sir Isaac Newton.

Questioning the universe is what life should be about, no one truly wants to live a life with no impact. We are already born with natural curiosity, and we need to embrace this curiosity. Our own minds create who we are and we must embrace our own mind.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Warm Summer Breeze

Warm Gentle Summer Breeze
Blowing through Trees
Flowing across green meadows Free
Blue sky covers as far as the eyes can See

Echoes ricocheting all around
Beating of the drums sound
Boys voices resound
Trampling of footsteps upon the living ground
Gray Sky now, For the Blue had drown
Forward Hundreds Marching

Shimmering Guns Showing
Yellings of pains Growing
Enemies Colliding
Women left crying
Innocent men Dying

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Personal Opinions: "The Bestest Blog"

Whenever I see a loss of talent, I weep on the inside. A man, woman, or child can easily fall victim to the insurmountable obstacle I entitle Lack of Commitment or Lack of Energy. The people I find most infuriating are the ones whom say they want something from life. If you want something from life get off your lazy posterior, and actually snatch it from the jaws of failure.

Don't let the world tell you what to believe, let the world listen to what you believe. Live your dreams, live your life even if it is sacrifices society's ideal of normalcy. Create something for the world look at and draw opinions from. Create a blog of your observations call anything even the bestest blog of all time. People may call you weird, strange, or even deranged, but know deep in your heart, they are the strange, weird, and deranged.

I cannot claim, I have never fallen victim to the failure called Lack of Commitment or Energy. However, I am fully capable of understanding that I could not accomplish the feat due to my own laziness. This lack of energy creates a room within my mind filled with my failures as a result of my forgotten ambitions. A room in my mind of embarrassments that no one knows of. A room in my mind of eternal shame.

My reasons for writing this blog is not to rant against the activities I encounter each day, but to inspire the meager few, whom discover this blog. I am not trying to change the world for it is far from being able to be changed. I realize all humans have personal obligations, I used to have obligations with the box, but no longer for I have decided to no longer to fall victim to the lack of energy. A single day without the box made my mind so much more sharper, a day without people telling what to believe, I finally know I am Free.

For those whom manage to find this specific note on my blog: Cast off the idea of obligations to popular ideals. We all know the world is not flat, but neither is life. Those who tell you your life, don't live their own, those who listen to the others, don't understand life is freedom of opinion, life is freedom of soul.

Through the Glass

I'm looking at you through the glass, I don't know who you are, You don't know who I am, but we are interconnected. In this hate-driven world, there is nothing, there is all, there is everything in this loveless society.

We all follow our own paths throughout life, at least we are told we follow our own paths throughout life. There is no freedom, there is no prison, there is, but humanlife. We like to think of ourselves as an advanced civilization. Ha!

We are as equal to the vermin as any other animal. The only difference between us and the animals no longer hides away from us, from the much rummaging and pillaging we have found the difference, and, much like rats; it has been exterminated. Our society has become the civilization of scoundrels and distrust. The common goal between all humans exists, but it has hidden from sight from the ignorant, the stupid, the lathargic. The future path of humans runs not towards the uncoverment of truth, but towards living day to day for ones own personal existence.

What a fool's errand is the idea of happiness. Can anyone truly become happy in this society? The "Corporations" drive our progress into the ground for the mere, yet important substance called money. The cloud of currency creates a vail over our heads, we cannot see anything except for glints of giving. The overall glare comes not from the small glints, but from the massive sun of self-indulgence. Government, Corporations, People tell us from conception, we must contribute to our well-being, we must relax, spend for ourselves so we can pursue the idea of "happiness". Like the executives dreamed of, we gobbled this new idea so fast, we became obese off of its infinite malnutrition. We became incapable of deciphering the great riddles of life; we became incapable to advance human race.

Our society created in the past, for evermore will stay in the past. We indulge in a mystical box, we learn from the box, our kids learn from the box. When we grow weary on the trek of life, we turn to the box. What is so great of the box? Nothing, except Everything. The box, the infinite epitamy of unused knowledge;this infinite source of stupidity, tells us what will let us conform best with our follow brainwashees. Our society will eventually grow deaf from the box, but will we keep trying to listen? Yes.

Our society created in the past, will for evermore stay in the past. Unless, we come to terms with our own souls, and shake away from the corportions, we shake away from the conformist garbage displayed day to day on the box. To recreate our new society, the world must leave the present technology behind. We must embrace free-thought once more. Today, to become a thinker is to become independent for evermore.